Network Status

Scheduled Network Maintenance (Scheduled)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting System - Network
  • Between 10PM Monday and 4AM Tuesday, HD will be continuing hardware
    upgrades to its network. This stage will involve the repositioning of
    physical links for downstream connectivity for IP transit services,
    wholesale broadband, rackspace connectivity and some premium fibre and
    HSNS services. This should involve no outage for redundantly connected
    circuits, and up to 5 minutes' loss of connectivity for
    redundantly-connected circuits after 2AM. Please contact your account
    manager or our support team if you need to know whether you'll be
    affected by these works.

  • Date - 27/07/2015 22:00 - 28/07/2015 04:00
  • Last Updated - 22/07/2015 15:55
Scheduled Major Datacentre Network Outage (Scheduled)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting System - Cisco 6500 Datacentre Switch Replacement
  • Between 1AM and 3AM on Tuesday, August 11th, HD will be forklift replacing
    its core colocation & dedicated server datacentre routing & switching
    equipment. This will involve around an hour's full downtime of routing
    and switching services during the outage window for all colocation and
    dedicated servers and some rackspace customers. Please contact your
    account manager or our support team if you have any questions or
    concerns about this work.

  • Date - 11/08/2015 01:00 - 11/08/2015 03:00
  • Last Updated - 22/07/2015 15:19
Scheduled Network Maintenance - 2 (Scheduled)
  • Priority - Low
  • Affecting System - Network
  • Between 10PM Monday, 3rd August and 4AM Tuesday, 4th August HD will be
    making changes to internal routing and switching paths. Customer-facing
    impact should be limited to one or two traffic disruptions for RSTP
    reconvergence, lasting only a few seconds each.

  • Date - 03/08/2015 22:00 - 04/08/2015 04:00
  • Last Updated - 22/07/2015 14:06