Network Status

HD Broadband Reconnection (Reported)
  • Priority - Medium
  • Affecting System - HD Broadband Services ( ADSL / VDSL / UFB )
  • Clients with broadband connections may have noticed a 30 second outage window at 09:58 and 11:30 as a result of an network vendor software bug. During this time clients would of been unable to connect or access the internet whilst their routers reconnected to HD's alternative network aggregation device at 09:58 and again at 11:30 whilst they where rebalanced. The majority of CPE routers reconnect automatically, however should you still experience please reboot your router. HD has identified the network vendor software bug responsible and will be scheduling an after hours patch to prevent this type of issue re-occuring.

  • Date - 25/11/2015 11:30 - 25/11/2015 11:30
  • Last Updated - 25/11/2015 11:54
Scheduled Broadband Outages (Ongoing) (In Progress)
  • Priority - Medium
  • Affecting Other - Broadband Connections in Auckland
  • Chorus is in the process of performing staged, nationwide software upgrades on their network; this affects xDSL, UFB and HSNS connections.

    Changes are scheduled for DSLAMs, OLTs and handover link-providing elements in the Auckland region on the nights of the 23rd and the 24th; affected connections will a 15-30 minute loss of service during windows overnight (11PM-6AM) on Monday night / Tuesday morning or Tuesday night / Wednesday morning. Upgrades to aggregation elements may cause some connections to experience more than one outage.

    UFB connections in some regions will experience two outages of up to 15 minutes each overnight (12AM-6AM Monday) on the 30th.

    Should you experience any connectivity issue after these events please ensure that your router is restarted along with your Chorus ONT should you have a fibre connection as a first troubleshooting step.

    Please let us know if you any concerns about this work or about how your connections will be affected specifically.

  • Date - 23/11/2015 23:00 - 30/11/2015 06:00
  • Last Updated - 24/11/2015 10:24